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Mission-Specific Wolf Pack Kits


Mission Kits

These Wolf Pack kits are designed to assist in understanding basic system configuration parameters with a set of recommendations focused on specific operational requirements. Kit configurations can be modified and customized to meet your unique needs and we encourage you to discuss specific requirements with us so we can create the ultimate Wolf Pack capability for your organization.

Wolf Pack can be deployed inside the target area in a variety of ways to assist in visual intelligence gathering. Flexible power options support deployments over several hours to several days. Modular system components allow quick and easy camera swaps, reconfiguration into free standing long pole surveillance assemblies, and integration or expansion of other Wolf Pack kits.

Tactical Kit

Illicit flows of illegal weapons, drugs and other contraband is a persistent challenge for border security agencies throughout the world. Wolf Pack provides a variety of useful search tools within its integrated system architecture that can increase the safety and effectiveness of contraband searches in any weather, on land and at sea.

Border Interdiction Kit

AVATAR is a suite of ISR capabilities that can be adapted to armoured vehicles large and small. Wolf Pack’s flexible, highly integrated system architecture enables assembly of mission-specific packages that enable any vehicle to operate as a command post or network node. AVATAR’s small system footprint results in a lowered operational impact in armoured vehicles that typically have very limited space. Native Wolf Pack system reconfigurability means that soldiers can transition AVATAR system capabilities intra-mission to dismounted operations as required.

Armoured Vehicle Agile Tactical ISR (AVATAR) Kit

Wolf Pack specialized optical tools can be virtually undetectable when used in covert or tactical surveillance applications. View through small holes or under doors and through weather stripping with these flexible tools. This Specialized Tactical Components Kit is configured as an add-on to the Basic Tactical Kit.

Specialized Tactical Components Kit

Wolf Pack provides an operator with a versatile imaging tool kit that can be reconfigured for a variety of mission requirements. This kit supports a PSD/CP team in vehicle searches, clearing venues prior to a VIP’s arrival, and provides eyes-on in corridors, stairwells and other fatal funnels during movement in high risk environments.

Personnel Security Detail (PSD - CP) Kit

LINK14 kits (LINK9 and LINK24 also available) provide everything needed to create a 2-way wireless video capability and are an easy way to expand the capability of a basic tactical kit or sniper-observer kit. LINK14 kits are based on SuperMesh+ (L-Band), the advanced tactical network architecture fully integrated with Wolf Pack. LINK14 kits can be expanded at any time to create increasingly comprehensive tactical mesh network capabilities as needs and budgets dictate.

LINK14 Wireless Transmission Kit

Wolf Pack Amarok™ sniper cameras allow eyes-on visual intelligence to be shared by the sniper team. The Amarok™ CS10d riflescope camera provides real-time video while maintaining an unimpeded optical view through the riflescope. Add a LINK14 Wireless Transmission Kit or integrate Amarok as part of a complete Wolf Pack tactical network solution and stream imagery to command elements and other members of the team at line-of-sight distances of over 1,200m.

Sniper-Observer Kit

Maritime board and search operations require rapidly deployable imaging tools that are highly ruggedized and suitable for use in salt water environments. Wolf Pack is the only tactical ISR system in the world that is fully maritime capable. Whether searching the hull of a ship or jetty, clearing dark confined spaces below decks, searching for survivors, or engaged in hostage rescue, Wolf Pack can contribute to safety and effectiveness of many Navy, Police and Special Forces units.

Maritime Operations (MIO - VBSS - MCT) Kit

Wolf Pack mesh networks are a mobile ad hoc wireless capability that allows operators to configure and deploy multiple Wolf Pack cameras quickly and easily. Stationary and body-mounted SuperMesh+ camera assemblies can be deployed in a variety of environments and stream video from these camera positions to Wolf Pack touch-screen computers and standard Android™ mobile devices connected at any position on the network. Wolf Pack SuperMesh+ networks employ Eomax patented, modular plug-and-play radio architecture enabling rapid network setup anywhere and in any weather. Transmission ranges node-to-node in excess of 1.2km line-of-sight are possible and flexible power options support operations from several hours to several days. Like all Wolf Pack system capabilities, SuperMesh+ network modules are engineered in accordance with MIL-STD-810G for successful deployment in the most challenging environments on Earth.

SuperMesh+ Network Kit

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