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About Us

Ken Smart

Ken Smart, founder and president of Eomax has been engaged in the electro-optics business for over 33 years. Ken has maintained a wide range of interests throughout his long career and holds patents related to industrial UV inspection, orthopaedic surgery, and the wireless architecture associated with the Company’s Wolf Pack systems.


The core of Ken’s business approach is borne of a life-long interest in human interactions with technology - and how creating efficient technology interactions can beneficially impact the user experience. In his work overseeing the development of Wolf Pack, Ken has spent years in the field talking to operators about the challenges and opportunities of technology. In the high-risk environments that Wolf Pack users often work, there is no greater job satisfaction for Ken than having an opportunity to provide tools that enhance operational effectiveness and help keep people safe in difficult conditions. 


Alfred Schopf

Alfred has been involved with Eomax from the earliest days of the Company, both as a trusted advisor and more recently as a shareholder and Director.
For more than 30 years Alfred has held very successful high profile C-Suite positions in the photonics and optoelectronics industry and has developed a deep and extensive global network of business relationships in the field. He recently retired as Chief Executive of PVA TePla AG (ETR: TPE), and was previously CEO of Leica Camera AG, ARRI AG, and Jenoptik Photonics AG, among others.

Alfred is active on several supervisory boards, including as Vice Chairman of Leica Camera AG, and serves as an advisor to several international companies. Additionally, in his capacity as an angel investor over a number of years, he has taken financial positions in small and medium sized companies with innovative technology potential. 

Alfred has a master’s degree in business administration from Pforzheim University. In 2013 he was named (together with Andreas Kaufmann the major shareholder of Leica Camera AG) as German entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young.

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John Denham

John has been the Chief Operating Officer at Eomax since 2007 and has been involved in the management of technology companies over many years. He was formerly Chief Financial Officer of Route1 Inc. (TSX: ROI) a provider of secure remote network connection solutions, and a Managing Director in investment banking at CIBC World Markets. John continues to advise several technology companies and is Chief Financial Officer of Opterus Inc., a provider of SAAS-based store management software to major retail chains. 

John has a BASc in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He has designations as a Professional Engineer and as a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Torben Nielsen

Torben joined Eomax in 2021 to lead the Company’s strategic expansion in the European region. He is the General Manager of Eomax ApS, the Company’s subsidiary based in Denmark. Torben brings over 20 years of managerial experience from his work in the global technology industry. With a focus on developing international and emerging markets, Torben has acquired extensive expertise in the expansion of distribution channels - managing and maturing these relationships for the long term.

These many years of global business engagement have provided Torben with valuable insights on cultural diversity and how to manage the business challenges this diversity can entail. He also has extensive knowledge of online sales and marketing from his ten years leading digital business development organizations in the media industry. Torben holds a M.Sc. in International Business from Aarhus University and speaks five languages.

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Our Journey So Far




Predecessor company Sciax launches development of modular video system known as SeCam.



First sales of SeCam modular video system to government agencies in United States and Canada.


Technology Philosophy 

For almost 20 years, Eomax has been committed to the unique, highly flexible Wolf Pack system architecture that, among its many benefits, provides defence and homeland security operators with an unparalleled expansion and upgrade path. In every aspect of Eomax product planning, engineering, and design, the mission is to make every Wolf Pack system module compatible with every Wolf Pack system – past, present and future.

Introduction of the Digital Evolution system interface marked a major turning point in Wolf Pack development. The latest Wolf Pack Alpha system maintains the same look and feel, ergonomic design, and component interchangeability of the original Wolf Pack system while introducing next generation lossless broadcast quality video and advanced remote control functionality. The flexibility of Digital Evolution allows Eomax to continue development of new capabilities within the Wolf Pack system architecture for years to come. 


Research and Development

A critical foundation of Eomax success is the Company’s investments in research and development. Over years, Eomax has assembled a team of exceptionally talented people that are responsible for executing the Company’s technology vision. At locations in Toronto, Canada, and Aarhus, Denmark, technical personnel in the fields of electronic design, computer code development, and mechanical engineering are busy working on the next generation of Wolf Pack capabilities.

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