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Tough - Adaptable - Connected



Engineered for the Real World

Wolf Pack system components are built to meet operational requirements in the most extreme working conditions on land and at sea - rain, snow, saltwater, mud, sand, hot or cold, day or night. Engineered in accordance with relevant MIL-STD-810G specifications and beyond, Wolf Pack has established a reputation for go-anywhere durability that is second to none.

  • MIL-STD-810G

  • Go-Anywhere Durability

  • All-Weather Assembly and Operation

Superior durability is engineered into every part of Wolf Pack and every system component is put through extensive internal testing procedures to ensure compliance with Eomax design standards. Relevant tests include long duration saltwater exposure; pressure testing of up to 10 ATMA; shock and vibration resistance; blowing dust and sand exposure; and extreme temperature and thermal shock. Where there is an operational expectation, Eomax testing includes assembly and disassembly of system components in these adverse conditions.



A Focus on Operational Efficiency

One of the key foundations of Wolf Pack is its mission flexibility. Eomax established a set of standardized mechanical and electronic interfaces for Wolf Pack that have allowed the Company to continuously upgrade and expand system capabilities while maintaining high levels of backward and forward compatibility. For over 15 years, Wolf Pack development has resulted in a field-proven, ergonomically superior system that provides operators with access to a large range of capabilities within this single system architecture.

Wolf Pack promotes the efficient exploitation of costly sensor solutions by supporting multiple deployment options. Wolf Pack reconfigurability means that any given sensor can be used in multiple applications.

As an expandable (and ever expanding) system, Wolf Pack allows new and/or additional capabilities to be added to an existing system with the benefits of increased operational performance, life-cycle cost control, and resistance to obsolescence. Training intensity and costs are reduced by a pre-existing foundation of operational experience.

In response to the challenges posed by many logistics systems, Wolf Pack is powered using standard battery types including AN/PRC-148 (MBITR) and AN/PRC-152 (Falcon 3) LION rechargeable battery cells. Recharge infrastructure includes roll-up solar cells, as well as desktop and vehicle chargers.



Mesh Networks

Wolf Pack’s integrated system architecture means that every system capability has been optimized to work to maximum effect in every Wolf Pack system assembly. Eomax patented plug-and-play wireless network connectivity has been built from the ground up as part of this integrated approach.

Wolf Pack SuperMesh+™ is a mobile ad hoc mesh network specifically designed for tactical environments as part of Wolf Pack. Technical parameters including network latency and routing refresh rates have been optimized to support mission objectives. IP standards-based hardware interfaces enable quick and easy connectivity to geospatial information systems and other network resources.

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