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Maritime Operations (MIO - VBSS - MCT) Kit

Maritime board and search operations require rapidly deployable imaging tools that are highly ruggedized and suitable for use in salt water environments. Wolf Pack is the only tactical ISR system in the world that is fully maritime capable. Whether searching the hull of a ship or jetty, clearing dark confined spaces below decks, searching for survivors, or engaged in hostage rescue, Wolf Pack can contribute to safety and effectiveness of many Navy, Police and Special Forces units.

Opgrader dit system

LINK14 Wireless Transmission Kit

LINK14 Wireless Transmission Kit

LINK14 kits (LINK9 and LINK24 also available) provide everything needed to create a 2-way wireless video capability and are an easy way to expand the capability of a basic tactical kit or sniper-observer kit. LINK14 kits are based on SuperMesh+ (L-Band), the advanced tactical network architecture fully integrated with Wolf Pack. LINK14 kits can be expanded at any time to create increasingly comprehensive tactical mesh network capabilities as needs and budgets dictate.

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