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Intelligent Power Module

Wolf Pack Alpha


The PB3d Intelligent Power Module has been designed to address the realities of many field operations. Standard rechargeable Li-Ion radio batteries provide extremely high-power density leading to long operating times of up to 20 hours. As with all components in the Wolf Pack system, the PB3d is fully interchangeable in any weather condition, on land and at sea.


  • Compatible with AN/PRC-148 (MBITR) and AN/PRC-152 (Harris Falcon III) radio batteries.

  • Uninterruptable power supply mode when connected to AC power or solar cell.

  • Field interchangeable in any weather conditions.

  • Trans-reflective LCD display provides high-resolution charge condition in 1% increments.

  • Serial control interface for remote runtime monitoring and battery configuration.

PB Series


Battery Cells Type Supported

Operating Time

Charge Display

Li-Ion rechargeable AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-152

Up to 12 hours @21C (system configuration dependent)

Trans-reflective LCD in 1% increments

CT5d Series Thermal Camera calculated DRI ranges for a human target

Johnson's criteria using 1.7m x 0.5m target size

CT5d Series Thermal Camera calculated DRI ranges for a NATO target

Johnson's criteria using 2.3m x 2.3m target size

DRI human target 400px.jpg
Power Accessories
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Wolf Pack PB3 Series Intelligent Power Module
Wolf Pack Alpha Catalogue
Wolf Pack Catalogue

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Cameras and Optical Devices
Cameras and Optical Devices

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Accessories for Wolf Pack Systems.


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System Poles
System Poles

Versatile camera and network extensions widely deployed as part of Wolf Pack.

Wireless Devices
Wireless Devices

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