Thermal Cameras


  • Super compact design
  • Leading edge 17µ sensor technology
  • MIL-SPEC durability
  • Flexible Wolf Pack system architecture provides multiple deployment options

Wolf Pack CT4 series thermal cameras provide military, law enforcement and SAR personnel with enhanced detection capabilities in EOD, contraband interdiction, intruder detection, urban search, and tactical operations. Because thermal imaging is a passive night vision technology, CT4 thermal cameras enhance operator safety in high risk environments – no need for IR illuminators as these cameras rely on the relative temperatures (heat signature) of objects in the visual field.

Compact, high resolution CT4 cameras feature leading edge 640 x 480 pixel 17µ sensor technology making these among the most advanced thermal cameras available in this class. The outstanding spatial and temperature resolution of CT4 cameras combined with a new adaptive dynamic range algorithm produce images with outstanding detail.

CT4 series thermal cameras are part of Wolf Pack, the only modular MIL-SPEC imaging system in the world. Like every Wolf Pack system component, Eomax has engineered these cameras to survive in the real world.




Camera Type:
8µ - 12µ long wave infrared (LWIR)
uncooled amorphous silicon microbolometer
Pixel Size:
640x480 pixels
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD):    
≤ 50 mK
Lens HFoV:
73°, 42°, 36°, 24°, 17°, 10° lens options available
Frame Rate:
Up to 60Hz (full frame)
Time to Image:    
< 4 sec.

Mechanical / Environmental

Camera Body:    
Waterproof and pressure-proof (7 ATMA / 60mSW)
Eomax CA-X waterproof quick-release
Operating Temperature:    
-40 °C to +65 °C
Storage Temperature:    
Dimensions (LWH):
106 mm x 47 mm x 38 mm (w/ 73° HFoV lens)
210 g (w/ 73° HFoV lens)


CT-4 Series calculated DRI ranges for human target.

Range in meters (m)

CT-4 Series calculated DRI ranges for a NATO target.

Range in meters (m)
Product specifications subject to change without notice.