Specialized Tactical Components Kit

Wolf Pack specialized optical tools can be virtually undetectable when used in covert or tactical surveillance applications. View through small holes or under doors and through weather stripping with these flexible tools. The LS1d light source can provide illumination in large confined spaces in support of search operations. This Specialized Tactical Components Kit is configured as an add-on to the Basic Tactical System illustrated elsewhere in this guide. The addition of the Flat Panel Base Kit Add-On and Pole Kit Add-On creates a stand-alone specialty tactical kit.

Kit Components:

(1x) EW-CU2dUnder-Door Viewer
(1x) EW-BR2.4A27D90NFdNanoflex 27cm 2.4mm Direct View 90° FoV
(1x) EW-LS1dHigh Intensity Light Source Incl. Light Guide Cable
(1x) EW-PB3dPower Source - Li-Ion PRC
(1x) EW-CB3dLow-Light Colour Optical Probe Camera
(pairs with Nanoflex optical probe when used with video display)

Flat Panel Base Kit Add-On (Recommended):
(1x) EW-DF3dFlat Panel Display
(1x) EW-PB3dPower Source - Li-Ion PRC
(1x) EW-CC1dCoiled Connecting Cable 10'
(1x) EW-PA3dBattery Charger

Pole Kit Add-On (Recommended):
(1x) EW-CA5dInterchangeable Manual Articulation Section
(1x) EW-EP8dExtendible System Pole 6'

Optional items can be added to the existing base kit to further enhance the teams capability or be inserted to replace items in the existing base kit depending on your teams requirements.