Sniper S/R Mesh Network Kit

This kit provides the team with a set of sniper imaging and unattended camera capabilities in support of surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Wolf Pack SuperMesh or UltraMesh wirelessly connects all elements of the team across a single tactical network and streams video from camera positions to standard Android™ mobile devices. Wolf Pack mesh networks employ Eomax patented modular plug-and-play radio architecture enabling rapid network setup anywhere and in any weather. Transmission ranges node-to-node in excess of 1.2km line-of-sight are possible and flexible power options support operations from several hours to several days.


Mesh network setup example: free standing mesh modules arranged around a target area. Sniper camera enhances eyes on target. Video feeds streamed through wifi enabled devices.

Kit Components:

(5x) EW-NW2dUltraMesh Module (or) EW-NW1d SuperMesh Module
(7x) EW-PB3dPower Source - Li-Ion PRC
(1x) EW-CS1dAmarok Sniper Camera
(1x) EW-CC1dCoiled Connecting Cable 10'
(1x) EW-EA10dMini-Tripod w/ Ball Head Adaptor

Optional Add-Ons:
(1x) EW-EP5d—Folding Extendible System Pole 14' 7" / 4.5 m (optional)
(1x) EW-EA3dGuyline Kit for EP5d Pole (optional)
(1x) EW-CC1dCoiled Connecting Cable 10'
(1x) EW-EP8dExtendible system pole 6' (optional)
(1x) EW-EA2dPole Tripod (optional)
(1x) EW-EA10dMini-Tripod w/ Ball Head Adaptor (optional)
(1x) EW-EA12dGround Spike w/ Ball Head Adaptor (optional)
(1x) EW-EA13dClip-on Vehicle Window Adapter w/ Ball Head (optional)
(1x) EW-EA16dSwitchable Magnet w/ Ball Head Adaptor (optional)
(5x) EW-PS1dAC Adapters (optional)


Wolf Pack mesh network modules are compatible with all Wolf Pack cameras and specialized optical tools. Recommended options for this kit are listed below.

Optional items can be added to the existing base kit to further enhance the teams capability or be inserted to replace items in the existing base kit depending on your teams requirements.