Product Mission


Wolf Pack system components are built to meet operational requirements in the most extreme working conditions—rain, snow, mud, sand, hot or cold, day or night. Engineered in accordance with relevant MIL-STD-810G specifications and beyond, Wolf Pack has established a reputation for go-anywhere durability that is...Read More


Each Wolf Pack module is part of a large, highly integrated imaging platform. Wolf Pack’s modular “lego block” architecture maximizes the benefits of a set of reconfigurable imaging tools providing operators with a complete multi-mission resource. The ability to re-purpose Wolf Pack system components in a changing mission environment can have a significant impact of size, weight, power, technical overhead and training.


A key foundation of Wolf Pack is its mission flexibility. Eomax established a set of standardized mechanical and electronic interfaces for Wolf Pack that have allowed the Company to continuously upgrade and expand system capabilities while maintaining high levels of...Read More

Ergonomics and Workflow

Over time we have observed soldiers and civilian public safety personnel creatively solving challenges in the field by improvising solutions using available tools. Often these tools are used in ways that were not envisioned by their respective manufacturers. In support of this ad hoc creativity, Wolf Pack has been...Read More


Wolf Pack is an outstanding ISR tool kit for soldiers. Its design, engineering
and durability are second to none. This is a system that can make a
significant contribution to operational effectiveness.
— General Jean Boyle (Retired), Chief of Defence Staff – Canadian Armed Forces
This is definitely the kind of equipment that will save lives.... I strongly
recommend your [Wolf Pack] system.
— Deputy Miguel Vazquez, US Marshall Service
In my opinion [Wolf Pack] is a life-saving tool. The system has excellent
utility in interdiction operations due to its simplicity of use, and officer focus.
— Andre Cote, Senior Program Officer – Contraband Technology Division, Canada Border Security Agency
Since the receipt of [Wolf Pack] it has been deployed on every critical
incident call-out without fail.
— Captain Charles T. Cabiniss, SWAT Team Leader – Rock Hill (SC) Police Department