PB3d Power Supply


  • Wolf Pack power sources use both rechargeable and disposable cells to ensure broad system flexibility in any environmental condition.
  • Structural connectors on Wolf Pack power sources are designed to provide users with the widest variety of system assembly options.
  • Wolf Pack power sources are designed for all weather operation and are completely field interchangeable even in heavy rain.

Power is a key component in every electronic system, and a major operational consideration in most environments. Availability and commonality of batteries, required system operating times, as well as size and weight present a variety of challenges for operators in the field. Wolf Pack system architecture has been optimized to address these challenges with a range of power options designed to easily connect to every system configuration using quick-release connectors.
The PB3d power supply is the first model in a new series of battery power sources for Wolf Pack. Using AN-PRC-148 (MBITR) rechargeable radio batteries and optional CR/DL123 or AA disposables, the PB3d has been designed to address the realities of many field operations. Rechargeable Li-Ion radio batteries provide extremely high power density leading to long PB3d operating times of up to 12 hours. Optional disposable batteries provide an important alternative for users unable to recharge in the field. As with all power supplies in the Wolf Pack system, the PB3d is fully interchangeable in any weather condition including heavy rain.




Battery Type:
Li-Ion rechargeable (AN-PRC-148); optional AA of CR/DL123 disposables
Operating Time:
up to 12 hours @ 21 °C (times vary depending on system configuration)
Charge Display:
5 LED array with Li-Ion fuel gauge and battery type indication
Power Regulation:
12 v constant (30 W)
Environmental Rating:
141 mm x 90 mm x 50 mm / 5.5” x 3.5” x 2”
800 g / 1.75 lbs (with Li-Ion cell) 430 g/ 15 oz (w/o batteries)
Operating Temperature:
-40 °C to +60 °C (cell dependent)
Storage Temperature:
-40 °C to +60 °C

Product specifications subject to change without notice.