The World’s Most Advanced Tactical ISR System

Megapixel Imaging - Unparalleled Control

Wolf Pack Digital Evolution (DEvo) combines new megapixel HD sensors and advanced plug-and-play remote control functionality. Build wired or wireless Wolf Pack system assemblies from a common set of highly integrated modular components and create the optimal imaging capability for your mission. The Digital Evolution interface - years in the making - provides a foundation on which to build new and advanced capabilities for years to come proving once again that Wolf Pack is the ultimate tactical ISR system.

CK2d and CA6d 10-Jun-2019(crop).png

CL-Series megapixel night vision camera with CA-Series motorized remote control articulation.

DF3d Display rev1_2 10-Jun-2019(crop).png

DF3d full HD display with built-in recording and wireless connectivity is one of the most rugged flat panel monitors in the world.