nanoflex™ Optical Probe


  • Amazing high resolution image guide
  • 90° super wide-field optical system
  • Incredibly small 1.8 mm and 2.4 mm working diameters
  • Flexible, nearly unbreakable super-elastic titanium shaft
  • Built-in fiberoptic light guide for applications requiring illumination
  • Direct and side-view optical configurations
  • Fully integrated with Wolf Pack

Nanoflex™ – the nearly unbreakable mini-borescope for Wolf Pack. With its unique super-elastic titanium sheath, there has never been anything like it. Available in 1.8 mm and 2.4 mm diameters, Nanoflex mini-borescopes produce truly remarkable high resolution wide-field images. Nanoflex shafts bend without risk of breakage. Use them in covert or tactical surveillance and they are virtually undetectable. With Wolf Pack AlphaBrite™  camera technology Nanoflex probes provide low-light imagery unlike anything else. Attach a light guide cable in combination with the Wolf Pack LS1d high intensity light source and you have a fully illuminated confined space search tool. As with all Wolf Pack capabilities, Nanoflex rigid borescopes seamlessly integrate with virtually all Wolf Pack system assemblies.



BR Series

Working Lengths:
12 cm (4.75”)
18 cm (7”)
27 cm (10.6”)
30 cm (11.8”)
35 cm (13.8”)
58 cm (22.8”)
1.8 mm (0.07”)
2.4 mm (0.09”)
Optical Systems:
Direct view 87° super wide-field
Direct view 90° super wide-field
Side view 60°

Product specifications subject to change without notice.