Maritime Operations (MIO/VBSS/MCT)

Maritime board and search operations require rapidly deployable imaging tools that are highly ruggedized and suitable for use in salt water environments. Wolf Pack is both rugged and submersible. Whether searching the hull of a ship or jetty, clearing dark confined spaces below decks, searching for survivors or hostage rescue, there is an application for many Navy, Police and Special Forces units.

Kit Components:

(5x) EW-NW2d—UltraMesh Module
(5x) EW-PB3d—Power Source - Li-Ion PRC
(2x) EW-DC1d—5" Tablet Display
(3x) EW-PA3d—Battery Charger
(1x) EW-CA5d—Interchangeable Manual Articulation Section
(1x) EW-CU2d—Under-Door Viewer
(1x) EW-BR2.4—Nanoflex 27cm 2.4mm Direct View 90° FoV
(1x) EW-LS1d—High Intensity Light Source Incl. Light Guide Cable
(1x) EW-CB3d—Low-Light Colour Optical Probe Camera
(pairs with Nanoflex optical probe when used with video display)
(5x) EW-EA11d—Gorilla Pod
(1x) EW-EP8d—Extendible System Pole 6'
(1x) EW-EA2d—Pole Tripod

Flat Panel Display/HMD Base Kit (Extended):
(2x) EW-DF3d—Flat Panel Display
(1x) EW-DH2d—Head Mounted Display
(3x) EW-PB3d—Power Source - Li-Ion PRC
(1x) EW-CC1d—Coiled Connecting Cable 10'
(1x) EW-PA3d—Battery Charger

For greater transmission ranges between nodes, a longer pole paired with a guyline kit and magnetized anchor points can be a valuable add-on.

Wolf Pack mesh network modules are compatible with all Wolf Pack cameras and specialized optical tools. Recommended options for this kit are listed below.

Optional items can be added to the existing base kit to further enhance the teams capability or be inserted to replace items in the existing base kit depending on your teams requirements.