low-light colour cameras



  • Excellent low-light colour imaging capability with minimum illumination of 0.0014 LUX
  • Equipped with Wolf Pack AlphaBrite low-light enhancement technology
  • Exceptionally bright optics with extended depth-of-field provides focus-free operation from 10” (25 cm)
  • Super-wide 90° field-of-view for confined space viewing
  • Waterproof and pressure-proof to 10 ATMA (300’ / 90m)
  • 300° camera head rotation for correct image orientation in any position

Colour can be a useful visual aid in contraband interdiction and physical security (force protection) applications where subtle clues can make the difference between detection and evasion. In search and rescue, colour can enhance the ability to see victims in difficult confined space searches. The CK3d low-light colour camera module can be a valuable addition to Wolf Pack systems used in these environments. Attached to any Wolf Pack colour-capable video display, the CK3d generates high resolution video in a wide range of lighting conditions. The CK3d’s built-in, high intensity white-light LED array provides additional illumination in dark environments. The CK3d is equipped with AlphaBrite, a Wolf Pack sensor technology that can significantly enhance imaging capablity in extreme low-light conditions. Like all Wolf Pack system components, the CK3d is designed to withstand the rigours of real-world operations.




Camera Type:
colour low-light optimized CCD
0.012 LUX @ f1.2 (max AGC)
0.0014 LUX @ f1.2 (max AlphaBrite compensation)
540 TVL
built-in illuminator w/ 8 high intensity white LEDs
Eomax CA-X waterproof quick-release • rotatable 300° for camera orientation
Pressure Rating:
10 ATMA (300’ / 90 m)
Dimensions (LWH):
124 mm x 41 mm x 48 mm
Operating Temperature:
-20 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature:
-30 °C to +70 °C

Product specifications subject to change without notice.