Ergonomics and Workflow

Over time we have observed soldiers and civilian public safety personnel creatively solving challenges
in the field by improvising solutions using available tools. Often these tools are used in ways that were
not envisioned by their respective manufacturers. In support of this ad hoc creativity, Wolf Pack has been
conceived to support what we call Structured Improvisation™; the ability for soldiers to use a given set of
system components in as many ways as they can put these system components together.

A Focus on Mission Success

Eomax recognizes that size, weight, and power are critical issues in every technology deployment. To balance these issues for the required operational benefit, several design and engineering strategies are employed in order to meet our goals;

  1. Light-weight materials including carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and high tech polycarbonates are used extensively in Wolf Pack system components.
  2. Size and miniaturization are balanced with important issues of durability and operational efficiency. Meeting MIL-SPEC standards and ensuring that our systems can be effectively assembled and operated in all environments with gloved hands are important considerations in our design process.
  3. Closely managing power consumption while providing a wide range of power sources is a major Wolf Pack benefit. The system has been engineered to operate on AC and DC power sources and includes battery packs that accept military standard rechargeable radio cells, as well as commonly available AA and CR/DL123 disposables.
  4. Wolf Pack system design also focuses on weight reduction by allowing components to be used in a variety of configurations on a variety of missions. A considerable weight and volume reduction is realized by eliminating multiple discrete systems and their respective overheads.
  • Light-weight
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Load reduction