Basic Tactical System Kit

Wolf Pack can be employed inside the target area in a variety of ways to assist in search operations. Flexible power options support deployments over several hours to several days. Modular system components allow quick and easy camera swaps, reconfiguration into free standing long pole surveillance assemblies, and integration or expansion of other Wolf Pack kits.

Kit Components:

Flat Panel Display/HMD Base Kit:
(1x) EW-DF3dFlat Panel Display
(1x) EW-DH2dHead Mounted Display
(1x) EW-PB3dPower Source - Li-Ion PRC
(1x) EW-CC1dCoiled Connecting Cable 10'
(1x) EW-PA3dBattery Charger

Suggested Kit Components:
(1x) EW-CL3dHigh Performance NIR Active Night Vision Camera
(1x) EW-CA5dInterchangeable Manual Articulation Section
(1x) EW-EP8dExtendible System Pole 6'
(1x) EW-CC2dCoiled Connecting Cable 20'
(1x) EW-CC4dCamera Extension Cable

Optional Add-Ons:
(1x) EW-CT4d42Thermal Camera 640x480 Core 42 FoV (optional)
(1x) EW-EP5dFolding Extendible System Pole 14' 7" / 4.5 m (optional)
(1x) EW-CA3dRemote Control Joystick Controller (optional)
(1x) EW-CA6dRemote Control Articulation (optional)

Adding a Wolf Pack thermal camera to a tactical kit provides completely passive heat-based imaging that can detect hidden targets and situational hazards beyond the capability of near-infrared night vision. Longer poles provide extended camera reach and can be paired with joystick controlled motorized camera articulation.

Optional items can be added to the existing base kit to further enhance the teams capability or be inserted to replace items in the existing base kit depending on your teams requirements.