Basic Sniper Camera Kit w/ AlphaLink

Wolf Pack Amarok™ sniper cameras allow eyes-on visual intelligence to the team and command elements in the field. The Amarok™ CS1d riflescope camera provides real-time video while maintaining an unimpeded optical view through the riflescope. This kit pairs Amarok with AlphaLink narrow-band long range encrypted video transmission. AlphaLink enables multi-channel point-to-point transmission to command elements at line of sight distances in excess of 1.2Km.

Kit Components:

Flat Panel Base Kit:
(1x) EW-DF3d—Flat Panel Display
(1x) EW-PB3d—Power Source - Li-Ion PRC
(1x) EW-CC1d—Coiled Connecting Cable 10'
(1x) EW-PA3d—Battery Charger

Suggested Kit Components:
(1x) EW-CS1dAmarok Sniper Camera
(2x) EW-PB3dPower Source - Li-Ion PRC
(1x) EW-NT1dAlphaLink Wireless Transmitter
(1x) EW-NR1dAlphaLink Wireless Receiver
(1x) EW-EP8dExtendible System Pole 6'
(1x) EW-EA2dPole Tripod
(1x) EW-EA10dMini-Tripod w/ Ball Head Adaptor
(1x) EW-CC2dCoiled Connecting Cable 20'
(1x) EW-CC4dCamera Extension Cable

Optional Add-Ons:
(1x) EW-CS2dAmarok Spotting Scope Camera (optional)
(1x) EW-EP5dFolding Extendible System Pole 14' 7" / 4.5 m (optional)
(1x) EW-EA3dGuyline Kit for EP5d Pole (optional)*

Optional items can be added to the existing base kit to further enhance the teams capability or be inserted to replace items in the existing base kit depending on your teams requirements.