Company Overview

Eomax designs and manufactures remote viewing technology for applications in defence, search and rescue and industrial markets. Product offerings from Eomax are focused on market specific versions of the Company's Wolf Pack™ system. Wolf Pack is a continuously evolving family of field-reconfigurable modular components that provide maximum viewing flexibility to users in a variety of applications.

Wolf Pack defence products are used by customers throughout the world and include leading government public safety agencies, military organizations and police departments in many countries. Wolf Pack has established an exceptional reputation among these users for go-anywhere durability and simplicity of operation. From Afghanistan to Los Angeles, Wolf Pack has proven an indispensable tool for our customers.

In addition to the on-going evolution of Wolf Pack, Eomax is engaged in several special projects related to marine systems and robotics. Through our strong commitment to R&D, we will continue to integrate the most advanced capabilities within our systems, balancing these efforts with a clear understanding of requirements for durability and simple, user friendly operation.